Xenia Beltrán

She is currently Senior R&D Project Manager and Head of Big Data in LifeSTech. Her areas of interest are AI, analytics and decision support systems; human-robot & human-machine interaction; Health Technology Assessment (HTA); Intelligent interfaces, user experience, patient/citizen empowerment and social-behavioural change driven digital transformation; societal resilience; Big Data solutions and software architectures to support the integration of heterogenous ecosystem and multi-blockchain infrastructures, health data compliance; applying research of these areas to people at work, home, leisure, education or healthcare scenarios, for building a better society.

Xenia has applied this experience, as project manager and/or participant in in more than 25 European, national and/or regional research projects; including FP7 projects (SMART VORTEX, SHAMAN, iSAC6, Value-IT, OKKAM, PROMISLingua, LT-COMPASS), H2020 (AEGIS, RAGE, No One Left Behind, Edison, DISCOVERY, STEP, Radioforegrounds, WeldGalaxy, Faith, VOJEXT, APRIL, GateKeeper), IMI (PharmaLedger, Gravitate Health). Xenia coordinates PharmaLedger, Vojext and April projects.

Xenia is author of several scientific papers in national and international journals, and she has participated in numerous conferences and workshops for dissemination of projects results. She also participates in technological platforms and Consultation Groups. Previously to UPM, Xenia worked in INMARK, IDC, Banesto/Santander Bank and Ford Motors.