The updated programme of the International Congress

Thursday April 20

09:00. Registration

09:30. Inauguration of the conference

10:00. Inaugural conference: Staying Active After Cancer: Lessons learned moving from Research to Implementation

11:00. Coffe break

11:30. Invited conference: Physical exercise and cancer. Strategies in the development and implementation of a training program

12:30. Invited conference: Outdoor against Cancer

13:30. Short Presentations

14:00. Lunch

16:00. Invited conference: Exercise and cancer, we are setting the bar very low

17:00. Invited conference: Leonas del Guadalquivir

18:00. Final Conference: Types of exercise based on side effects in each cancer patient

19:00. Oral presentations

Friday April 21

09:30. Welcome and Opening

09:40. Key note

10:00. Panel 1: EU policy Perspectives

11:00. Coffe break.

11:30. Panel 2: Research, Social and Economics perspective

12:30. Panel 3: Industry and technology perspective

13:30. Lunch

15:30. Panel 4: Practical Examples of initiatives and developments financed by EU and/or new project ideas

16:30. Panel 5: Outdoor against Cancer

17:30. Panel 6: Implementation of online physical exercise programs in cancer patients

21:00. Closure and cultural event. Opening Ceremony Mar Menor Games · Sport4Cancer

Saturday April 22

10:00. Event Mar Menor Games · Sport4Cancer.