David Jiménez

He has a remarkable trajectory as an active researcher in the area of Physical Activity and Exercise in relation to Obesity, Aging, Dementia and Health. Moreover, during the last couple of years he has developed a specific focus on the role of physical activity and exercise on COVID19. More recently, he has moved his experience on lifestyle behaviours and health to the field of cancer survivors analyzing the specific role of the four pillars; 1. Physical Activity and Outdoor Sports. 2. Balanced Nutrition. 3. Sustainability & Nature. 4. Physical & Mental Well-Being. 

He completed a Masters in Human Nutrition and the Doctoral thesis, both with European mention. He obtained the National award for the best academic record (bachelor's degree) and the award for the best doctoral thesis of the University of Granada. When he was 33 years old he got the Ramón  Cajal grant at the University of Cadiz in the area of Clinical Medicine and Epidemiology. It is very remarkable that the candidate has achieved with merit all the stages established by the Ministry of Science and Innovation and FECYT as part of the research career to become an independent and relevant researcher: FPU scholarship, Juan de la Cierva, Support of distinguished researcher Ramón y Cajal and I3 Certification. Currently, he is Senior Lecturer at University (Full professor under evaluation).

The candidate has the following metrics: 131 Publications: 7 Books/monographs, 9 book chapters, 106 JCR articles (3 Highly Cited Papers), 5 e-letters (BMJ, Science...), 4 (other indexations). 31% of JCR as 1st or last author and 60% in Q1 and 80% in Q1 or Q2.  According to WOS: 3727 citations, index H 32, h10=60. According to Google Schoolar: 7519 citations, index H 42, h10=88. According to Scopus/Scival: index H 37, Field-Weighted Citation Impact=6.55. According to the CSIC ranking of Spanish researchers, he occupies leading positions in his field. 

The researcher shows an important capacity leading research, human teams and obtaining funds in his line of research. He is the PI of the research group MOVE-IT CTS-1038 of the University of Cadiz, and the PI of 6 competitive projects. 1 project of the National R&D Plan RETOS 2016 (121,000 euros), 1 ITI-Autonomous Funds project (492,107.54 euros) and 1 local project (FEDER-UCA funds; 68,000 euros). It is PI as associated centre in an EU ERASMUS+SPORT project "LiFEAGE project" (389,839 euros) and is PI as partner in a Horizon Europe Programme (EU4Health). In addition, it has secured funding as PI for infrastructure equipment from the national plan (€354,515). It has demonstrated a great capacity to attract research funds as PI with a total amount > 2,2M€ euros, including 1,2M€ in projects, >45K€ in contracts with the companies and 0,8M€ in human resources. He coordinates a group of >20 researchers and PhD students.

He is/has been part of 17 projects (>33M€) as research team member and belongs to 2 Networks (CIBERFES and EXERNET). He has leaded 3 Research Contracts (Article 83), 9 predoctoral/postdoc contracts, 4 supervised theses (8 in process), and mentoring > 15 researchers. The candidate has performed 60 invited lectures (13 international) and >120 participations in conferences (>75 international) and 43.5 months of mobility in prestigious research centres (12 international). The candidate has obtained 15 research awards (5 in oral communications, but to highlight the "Young Researcher in Health Sciences" Award for Research Excellence. UCA-2018). Moreover, he is Associate Editor in 5 journals, Guest Editor of 4 Special issues in JCR and reviewer > 30 international journals (BMJ, Diab. Care, Mayo Clinic Proceedings). He has got recognition for 4 sections “Complemento Autonómico”, 2 period of research “sexenios”, and 3 periods of teaching excellence “quinquenios” and Researcher Certificate I3. He has acted as president of several national and international scientific congresses. Of relevance as research management; He is President of the National Association of Ramón y Cajal Researchers (ANIRC), Secretary of the Exercise and Health Network (EXERNET), Secretary of the University Research Commission, member of the bioethics committee, COLEF-National Expert Advisory Committee. National Evaluator (ANEP) and international-EU (REA and EACEA). Advisor in the preparation of the Strategic Agenda of the European PRIMA Programme. 

Finally, he is responsible for the creation of the First Centre/Unit of Excellence in Research in Physical Activity, Lifestyle, Ageing and Health (€5M of equipment and transfer of building). All the research he has carried out focuses on physical activity, lifestyle, ageing and health. Its originality is focused on improving health and problems associated with ageing (dementia, frailty, cancer) through lifestyle and thus exponentially reducing the costs associated with these diseases, facing one of the main national and international challenges facing the ageing population. The creation of the centre/unit of excellence constitutes a great advance in the area and its research in this line, being a pioneering reference in the subject of Physical Activity and Health.