Alessandra Pasquo

Alessandra Pasquo is researcher at the FSN-TECFIS-DIM Laboratory of the ENEA Research Center of Frascati. Degree in Biological Science cum laude and PhD obtained at University Sapienza in Rome. Visiting student at Molecular Biology and Biotechnology Department University of Sheffield and post-doc experience at Krebs Institute University of Sheffield. Principal activities: analysis and biochemical characterization of wild type and variant proteins involved in human pathologies; use of recombinant and/or engineered molecules for the development of diagnostic SPR (Surface Plasmon Resonance) and SERS (Surface Enhanced Raman spectroscopy) innovative sensors in biomedical and environmental fields; laser spectroscopy (LPAS) for real time and non-destructive analysis of food adulterants and contaminants. Lectureships in Enzymology, Biochemistry and Clinical Biochemistry at University of Catanzaro and Sapienza University of Rome. Author of scientific publications in international peer-reviewed journals.